Founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of high end plastic organizational products, Carousel Ad Master sold spinning magazine “carousels” to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies in an effort to help organize paper and brochures more effectively.

Often found in waiting rooms and lobbies to organize magazines, Carousel Ad Masters was created to take advantage of the growth in captive advertising that in-door and out of home was experiencing since the late 1990’s.


In 2015, the release of the first prototype and re-launch of the brand included a new innovative carousel that featured 10 inch rich media digital screens with a content management system to remotely deliver rich media to the independent carousels.

In 2010, Carousel Ad Masters was changed to Carousel Media Group to fully support the expansion into advertising media sales. After placing 1,500 carousels within the Minneapolis market within lobbies and waiting rooms and turning a profit on ad sales, the founders realized growth was in digital and put the company on hiatus while developing a better solution for delivering ads.


Today, through various partnerships, the new Carousel Media Systems are being placed back into circulation.

From the high end rugged plastic to the adaptable media trays, the base is much more solid and now has the ability to serve as a point of sale display case as well as a magazine/brochure holder.

Four 10-inch HD screens set the unit apart with a content management system that allows each unit to run video and stills independently of one another.

With 7 patents pending, industry partnerships that allow for customization of product development, and a senior leadership supporting digital transformation and growth, the team also has their eyes on the future.

2020 will bring advancements in digital display media with expansion in screens, real-time content publishing, and integration with apps, mobile, wearable technology and Near Field Communications (NFC). As Carousel Media Group launches the Carousel Media System in late 2018, we’ve only just begun

  • New, recently launched digital advertising network placed prominently in main lobby and high traffic reception areas.


  • Select from hundreds of locations across the Twin Cities metro or focus on one specific geographical area


  • Advertisements are in digital HD LCD format for maximum clarity


  • Flexible -  choose your budget, advertising package and your location


  • Your advertising message will appear a minimum of once every 3 minutes during core business hours

Reach a

highly targeted and captive

audience who live and shop in your local


carousel coverage map

Where will you be seen today?